Compiti per il weekend - 01/06/19

Compiti per il weekend - 01/06/19

In questa rubrica vi segnaliamo articoli e video che abbiamo trovato interessanti, sfiziosi, gustosi o, insomma, degni di essere menzionati, e che sono più o meno legati ai temi che ci piace trattare su Outcast. Gli articoli e i video non sono necessariamente in italiano, anzi, è tristemente probabile che non lo siano. La periodicità dell’appuntamento potrebbe essere settimanale, ma vai a sapere.

Is Game of Thrones the Last Show We’ll Watch Together? (leggi l’articolo su Vulture)
Nowadays, the online conversation around streaming series still exists, but it takes a different form. If a show starts trending on Twitter, it’s often because people have already watched the full season and want to recommend it to others, not because they want to experience the same moment with everyone else.

Inside ‘Hellboy’ Reboot’s Fiery Shoot: Fights Over David Harbour, Cinematography and a Tree (leggi l’articolo su The Wrap)
Three people told TheWrap that Levin interrupted Marshall frequently in front of the crew as Marshall tried to rehearse actors, sometimes giving them different directions than the director. Singer’s attorney disputed that: “In fact, Mr. Levin would speak to Neil Marshall after rehearsals and discuss issues with him at that time.”

Red Dead Redemption 2: six months later (leggi l’articolo su Polygon)
The most brain-shattering example happens when you play dominoes. You can see neither the board nor your hand from the main default screen while playing dominoes. And I have a big TV, so please, it’s not the TV. But the game is designed so you can zoom in on the board, then zoom out, and then zoom back in on your hand. It’s designed to mimic what it would actually feel like to be realistically playing dominoes.

The Big Bang Theory series finale – Un dolce saluto per pochi (ma buoni) amici (leggi l’articolo su Serial Minds)
Sarà stato il tempismo, l’alchimia fra i personaggi, quello che volete, fatto sta che The Big Bang Theory divenne presto il simbolo di una rivoluzione della cultura pop. I temi, i caratteri e gli stili cari al mondo nerd uscirono dall’armadio e diventarono oggetto dell’attenzione e dell’identificazione di tutti.

Years Later, the Ending of 'Dragon's Dogma' Remains Wonderfully Weird and Subversive (leggi l’articolo su Vice)
This reference to a big pillar of political thinking from 50 years ago might seem a little odd in conjunction with Dragon’s Dogma. But on some fundamental level, Dragon’s Dogma speaks to, and depends on, a deeply conspiratorial image of the world as much as it does our normal ideas about fantasy and the specialness of Chosen One player characters.

The Failure of Caricature in Wolfenstein II (leggi l’articolo su Bullet Points)
All of this is not to say that it is wrong, or in poor taste to ridicule Hitler—it can be cathartic, or empowering, and it might also annoy Nazis which is always a bonus. However, Wolfenstein II uses this caricature of Hitler as a tool to beat back the question of who and why the resistance are really fighting. Hitler’s image resembles World War II era anti-Nazi propaganda, rabid yet weak, with dark bags under his wild, sunken eyes. The absurdity of the entire scene feels almost propaganda-like in itself, as if it is being acted as poorly as the line reading for the film.

È arrivata l’estate!

È arrivata l’estate!

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